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Didn't changed something here for a long time. Will now update much more often then before. Last Journal entry is more then 3 years old...omg ;)

Title of last entry was: New toy - my Nikon D70.
OK, it's really(!!!) outdated. My toy now is the D300. Nice toy, really ^^
Got my new toy this month - my Nikon D70!
Just playing around for the moment, have to try so much...;) But my first impression: great cam, love it!
I'm very amazed! 238 fullviews on my webdesign sketch. This is the most viewed of my deviants. Thanks :)
Made a wallpaper from a photo found here on deviantart. Now i would like to post the wallpaper and have to ask the artist for permission. And i dont made a +fav and no bookmark. :(

Now i try to describe the pic:

there is the peel of a banana on blue ground and a rest of the fruit. the top of the picture is white.

maybe this is a stupid idea :) but i can not use the search to find the artist. If you know him or the picture so please send me the link.

Thanks and peace!

-----------------------------some minutes later:

Yes, now i found it!!! The picture is… and the artist is x-horizon
Made some new fotos last friday. Was a nice session, lot of wine, lot of talk and got some beautiful fotos. Hope, i can make some more of her next time.

Enjoy and peace....;)
Just one short note in german: ;)

Ich bin im Moment auf der Suche nach weiblichen Models, die Lust haben, mit mir ein paar Aufnahmen zu machen. Für mich ist das ganze eine Freizeitbeschäftigung und ich experimentiere gern und viel :)
Wenn sich also jemand aus dem Bereich Ruhrgebiet auf diese Seite verirren sollte und Spaß daran hat, mir für meine Experimente ein wenig Modell zu stehen: einfach mal anfragen. Würde mich freuen...:kiss: